How to Clean Old, Dirty, Sticky Leather

How to Clean Old, Dirty, Sticky Leather

Because leather furniture is usually expensive, more and more homeowners choose the affordability provided by retaining their used furniture and assume the responsibility to clean old leather on their own.

Some others have opted to buy used leather furniture as well.

Depending on the way the previous owner used the items, the buyer’s cleaning task can vary from simply reconditioning the leather to removing stubborn stains and spills.

Nonetheless, if you have the patience to address stains and properly clean a leather item, you will not be disappointed and you can transform it into a showpiece in your favorite room.

Clean Old Leather: General Instructions

Cleaning old leather starts with wiping the item with a clean cloth dampened with plain water, making sure that you constantly rinse the fabric to avoid spreading the dirt on the surface. Afterwards, wipe the old leather with a piece of cloth dampened in a mixture of warm water and mild soap.

Rinse the leather, wipe it dry with a clean rag and then rub the entire surface with a cloth dipped in saddle soap. Allow the saddle soap to act on the leather for about five to ten minutes and wipe the surface clean.

Once the leather is dry, apply polish and make sure you insist on the areas where the leather presents scratches or discolorations.

Clean Old Leather: Eliminating Unpleasant Odors

In case the smell of the old leather item you just purchased bothers you, then you can easily eliminate the odor with baking soda.

Simply apply the baking soda on a slightly moist piece of cloth and then spread it on the entire surface of the leather item. If the odor is very strong, then let the baking soda act overnight on the leather and, after you wipe it off, keep the item in an airy place for the next couple of days.

Clean Old Leather: Regular Maintenance

In order to preserve the new looks you gave your old leather item, you will need to keep it in moist-free and room-temperature spaces.

This does not only help maintain its beautiful appeal, but is a surefire way to prevent mold and mildew and diminish its aging process. Even though it is very difficult to prevent dust from gathering on the leather, you can at least avoid letting it accumulate too much by dusting it regularly.

Lastly, make sure that the products you use to clean old leather are natural and free of petroleum based ingredients to avoid drying its texture.

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